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Release Date : 09 June 2014



Four years in the making, the debut album by London’s The Osiris Club is finally here! Originally conceived as an instrumental project fusing horror movie soundtracks with avant-metal, the band has now morphed into a forbidding unit of musicians. Taking the best parts of 1970s progressive, 1980s post-punk and 1990s extreme rock, they have created a genuinely new sound, radical and uncompromising yet still melodic and accessible.
Guitarist Chris Fullard on the recording sessions: “We tracked at the renowned all-analogue Orgone Studios in London, then moved the session over to Seattle and began mixing at Avast studios with audio master Mr Randall Dunn, who has previously produced Sunn O))), Earth and Wolves In the Throne Room among others. Additional guest vocals were added there by Brad from Master Musicians Of Bukakke, The Accused. We mastered the album with Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering, as we were huge fans of his work! Sonically, the results speak for themselves.”
The album is intended to be listened to as a unified conceptual whole, with the lyrical themes following an occult path based on the writings of forgotten British novelist Margaret Cavendish. This mysterious atmosphere is carried over to the cover painting by Andrew Prestidge, which depicts a portal between this world and the next populated by Lovecraftian beings.


Track list LP:
Side A:
1. That's Not Like You 
2. Solid Glass 
3. Mystery Sells 
4. The Bell’s   
Side B:
5. Blazing World 
6. Undoing Wrong
7. Seize Decay 
8. Miles And Miles Away

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