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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : PMZ108
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 21 July 2014



PARZIVAL from Copenhagen, Denmark delivers a theatrical, cinematic and bombastic
mixture of neoclassical, martial, neofolk, gothic, darkwave and Wagnerian art!

After several line up changes throughout the years, the line up now consists of Dimitrij Bablevskij (vocals, programming), Oleg Naumov (drums, percussion), Michael Hedelain (drums, percussion), Tim Ellegaard (bass, also known from Of The Wand & The Moon) and Jens Hansen (keyboards, also known from Blazing Eternity).
Throughout the years the band have played at festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen, Runes + Men, Darkland Fire, Dark Bombastic Evening etc., as well as concerts with bands such as Death In June, Spiritual Front, Sol Invictus, Of The Wand & The Moon, Sieben, And Also The Trees, Die Weisse Rose, Joy Of Life, Rome, etc., which has gained PARZIVAL a reputation as a very solid and great live act, due to their very visual appearance.

On the new album “Casta”, PARZIVAL have collaborated with several indian sikh folk musicians, which have given the album a big touch of asian mystique.
Furthermore the lyrics are in 4 different languages: russian, german, latin and sanskrit.

01. Kalachakra
02. Kurushektra Purana
03. Himagni Purana
04. Airyanem Vaejah Purana
05. Uttara Purana
06. Navadi Purana
07. Ayo Purana
08. Rudra Purana
09. Yavashtra Purana
10. Andra Purana
11. Regnabit
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