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Release Date : 07 August 2020



Following on from our re-issue last year of the three albums released by the Pink Fairies on Universal, we bring you this 3CD collection courtesy of Andy Colquhoun who joined the Fairies on guitar and vocals for their 1987 album Kill ‘Em And Eat ‘Em.  First off we have a live recording of the Pink Fairies - Chinese Cowboys – taken from two dates on their 1987 tour, one in Leeds, the other at Long Marston Speedway.  Then we have Dr. Crow by the Pink Fairies’ forerunner The Deviants featuring Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun.  And finally Andy Colquhoun’s later solo outing Pick Up The Phone America.

The Pink Fairies – Chinese Cowboys                      
1. Raceway (Instrumental)
2. Street Urchin
3. Waiting For The Lightnin' To Strike
4. When's The Fun Begin
5. The Snake
6. Do It
7. Takin’ LSD
8. White Girls On Amphetamine
9. Seeing Double
10. As Long As The Price Is Right
11. Waiting For The Ice Cream To Melt
12. Police Car
13. City Kids
14. Walk Don't Run (Instrumental)

The Deviants – Dr. Crow
1. When Dr Crow Turns On The Radio
2. Strawberry Fields Forever
3. The Murdering Officer
4. Taste The Blue
5. Bela Lugosi 2002
6. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your...
7. Diabolo's Cadillac
8. Song Of The Hired Guns
9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
10. Sold To Babylon
11. A Long Dry Season
12. What Do You Want?
Tracks – CD3
Andy Colquhoun – Pick Up The Phone America
1. Pick Up The Phone America
2. Harlem Nocturne
3. Zero Zero
4. Runnin' Outa Road
5. Mutant
6. Mata Hari
7. Lennon Song
8. Riders On The Storm
9. Zoomer
10. Alienza
11. Walk Of The Nervous Dude
12. Creepy Beach

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