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Item no. : INDIE146CD
Artist : POSTHUM
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 13 October 2014



Posthum (founded 2004) is in no way a band that hide themselves in a scene, nor a constellation of members you will see in other bands. They`ve carefully created their own unique sound and way of thinking as an isolated band, located in the forests north of Oslo. Their self-titled debut record is highly acclaimed as a hard, but yet atmospheric and beautiful album, with a cold sound and strong arrangements constantly growing on the listener. Combined with their introvert and honest image they made a distinct impression on the scene. “Posthum accomplish what many bands are merely attempting, which is to deliver a work of art that is complete in itself; and it needs to be said that they did this brilliantly” – review of “Posthum”. Their next effort “Lights Out” (released by Indie Recordings) also received praise from a unified press core: “…the beauty of Lights Out stems from Posthum having their own clear identity and distancing themselves from the ‘trve’ Norwegian scene. It’s deeply refreshing” - Metal Hammer UK
This time around, the band breaks the surface with their third album, «The Black Northern Ritual».
One would most likely expect something ambient and gloomy from the Norwegian trio, something similar to their more experimental second album «Lights Out».
That is though not the case. «The Black Northern Ritual» tears you apart with the opening «Demon Black Skies».
Jon`s voice is more aggressive, the guitars more up front and drums has a more thrashy approach than ever before.
This new mix is certainly a poisonous blend. «I really felt the urge to write something powerful and I wanted to follow up on the themes from our debut.
I truly think we`ve awakened the true sound of ourselves after a decade as a band» -Jon, vocalist and guitarist
«Lyrically, the album is a rebellion against the false and corrupted values in the modern western world, which is so tempting and easy to believe in and follow.
The lyrics are to me a purifying ritual, an inner journey to keep myself in balance, kind of a safe-place where I never have to escape from.
I also seek inspiration from the forever-pure nature, and the frustration on how we blindly let it suffer. Sometimes it`s like the universe speaks to me, then I just write down the lyrics as I listen to the arrangements which flows around inside my head» -Jon, vocalist and guitarist
1. Demon Black Skies
2. Condemned
3. To the Pits
4. The Black Northern Ritual
5. Vinter
6. A Disappearing Sun
7. North
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