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Item no. : FAT750
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Release Date : 11 April 2011



Straight outta Compton and turning heads since they formed in 2005, POUR HABIT have emerged as one of the punk scene’s most dynamic up and coming bands. Since their inaugural release, Suiticide, POUR HABIT have been bringing the intense energy of their insanely raucous live show (we’re talking four crazy dudes, fueled by Jägermeister and Four Loko, pulling off ripping metal riffs and head spins worthy of Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo) across the globe through tours with NOFX, Pennywise, The Expendables, Pepper, and Strung Out, among others. After their successful time on the road POUR HABIT recently got back into the studio. With some production help from Fat Mike (NOFX) they churned out their second full-length album Got Your Back. Sophomore slump be damed, this album is an absolutely clobbering collection of mammoth, lightening fast, technically proficient sound, all encapsulated within 13 catchy-as-hell songs. Got Your Back brings blazing guitars, furious bass lines, tight pummeling percussion, and soulful energetic melodies, all of which are married perfectly into an album that runs the topical gamut from politics to partying. Got Your Back is a palpable reflection of the band’s punk/metal/reggae influences (Strung Out, Pennywise, Bad Brains) with a forceful jolt of cutting-edge artistry that thrusts it onto a level of its own. POUR HABIT’s self-described sound of "a mountain landing on your face!" is just about as good a way as any to try to capture the scope and magnitude of what Got Your Back and the band’s performance deliver.

1. Dead Soldier’s Bay

2. Heads of State

3. Greenery

4. Matter of Opinion

5. East 69th

6. Head in the Clouds (Danny’s Song)

7. Party

8. Teens Turned to Fiends

9. Tomahawk

10. For All Who Have Given and Lost

11. Gutterblock Boy

12. The Expert

13. Conscience Mind of Revelation

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