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Release Date : 26 July 2019



Blackened thrash from Brazil is your thing? Then prepare to get possessed by a “Profound Evil Presence”, the latest effort unleashed by South-American horde Power from Hell. While they have their roots in severe Onslaught- and Bathory worship, Power from Hell have definitely steered away from their early beginnings. On “Profound Evil Presence” they are presenting their darker and more obscure side with regard to both the lyrical themes and the song writing, drawing influences from cult acts such as Mgla, Ascension and Cult of Fire.

With a second guitarist, Power From Hell have developed their style into a more powerful, more intricate direction, with melodic and in-your-face guitar work that caters both to the connoisseurs and the extremists among you. “Profound Evil Presence” differs a lot from Power from Hell’s last album – the lyrical themes, the riffs, the cover artwork and of course the sound – or to use mastermind Sodomic’s own words: “I think it is safe to say that this album is a lot more poetic and conceptual than the last one.”

The truly old-school sounding production of “Profound Evil Presence” was provided by Rogerio Oliveira from Flight Studios. “You know,” says Sodomic, “I literally hate modern extreme metal albums that sound 100% clear and basically like plastic, so we tried our best to create a true black metal atmosphere and we are happy with the final result.”

Still not sure if you should get involved with the “Profound Evil Presence”? Then you should know that even good old Fenriz has declared he likes Power from Hell and if you – like him – are into traditional black metal with all the elements that define the genre, this album is for you.

1. Nightmare
2. When Night Falls
3. False Puritan Philosophies
4. Lust...Sacrilege & Blood
5. Nocturnal Desire
6. Unholy Dimension
7. Lucy's Curse
8. Diabolical Witchcraft
9. Into the Sabbath
10. Elizabeth Needs Blood
11. Demons of the Night
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