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Release Date : 07 January 2013



It’s hard to put the PRIMORDIAL experience into words. Far away from short-lived trends, away from the empty shell of soulless commercial music, away from all clichés of the pagan scene and of the metal scene altogether, away from everything that makes music become plastic nowadays, these Irishmen have established their own sovereign territory.
PRIMORDIAL live and breathe the mystical breath of their ancestors, putting it into captivating songs full of pain and mourning on the one hand, confidence and strength on the other. Between dragging anthems and relentless metal, they always succeed in creating a world full of gripping myths, full of mist covering wonderful landscapes just to reveal them at the very right moment, full of tales of tragic heroes. They create a world full of passion and dedication.
Leading the group is frontman Nemtheanga, who gives life to this vision with his variable voice, his unique live performance and his mighty stage presence, which could be witnessed by hordes of metallers at various festivals and tours during the last three years, following the release of the acclaimed “To The Nameless Dead” here comes PRIMORDIAL 1st ever DVD "All Empires Fall"! After the well-received re-Issues "A Journey´s End" and “Imrama", "All Empires Fall" takes the viewer on an even more exciting trip into the world of Irish history, the myths and tragic fates of the unknown and nameless, who are brought back to live by PRIMORDIAL. Over 3.5hours of live footage incl. their historic Dublin Show January 2009, behind the scene footage and rare interviews by Alan himself.
Be captivated by PRIMORDIAL! This music comes from the deepest of the heart, and that’s exactly where it should also be experienced!
Over 2 DVDs!
1. Dublin show January 2009 - 90mins
2. Documentary - 60mins (with snippets from old footage/flyers etc.)
3. Bonus interviews - 15-30mins
4. Ragnarok festival - 45 mins
5. Hove festival, Norway - 60 mins
6. Rehearsal footage
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