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Compact Disc - 4 CD Box Set


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Item no. : BSCD6151
Artist : PRINCE
Release Date : 09 February 2024



Almost seven years since Prince tragically passed away at the age of just 58, his star today shines as high as it ever did, while his millions of fans, who still fly the flag for this maverick performer and musician, remain as dedicated as ever.
This new 4CD box set celebrates the life, career and music of Prince, including as it does live broadcast music performances, DVD video films, audio interviews with the man himself and other features, all packed into a delightful and elegant box set which fans will no doubt queue for in their thousands.
1 Cissy Strut  9:32
2 Superstition  0:27
3 Chameleon  8:29
4 Asswoop  8:23
5 The Undertaker  3:56
6 Joy And Pain  2:39
7 I Know You Got Soul  2:40
8 I Got My Groove On  4:58
9 Hair  4:48
10 Love And Happiness  5:59
11 Are You Gonna Go My Way  5:41
12 The Jam  8:26
1 Mad  3:59
2 I Want To Take You Higher  1:30
3 Days Of Wild  3:15
4 Thank You  4:39
5 You Can Make It If You Try  1:28
6 Forever In My Life  1:32
7 Everyday People  4:59
8 Guitar Jam  8:43
9 Batuka/Soul Sacrifice/Toussaint L’Ouverture  8:17
10 The Question Of U  3:42
11 Gett Off  3:36
12 When U Were Mine  2:59
13 Osama Bin Laden Get Ready To Bomb  9:05

Disc Three: A DVD Documentary on Prince featuring over two hours of filmed interviews with the man himself, illustrating a side of Prince rarely seen or displayed in public. During the various conversations, Prince displays a cool and relaxed ease and an unexpected but sophisticated level of humour, wisdom and gravitas.

Disc Four: Features over an hour of broadcast interviews with Prince, recorded during all parts of the man’s career, during which he displays a refreshing honesty and passion as he discusses everything from his mystique and beliefs to his music and lyrics


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