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Item no. : DEAD267CS
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Release Date : 08 January 2021



Cassette Version with Blood Red Shell limited to 300 units worldwide!
The first ever Black Metal OPERA!

Canada’s sinister theatrical Black Metal consortium known as THE PROJECTIONIST return with their highly anticipated fifth full length operetta, “The Stench of Amalthia”. Mastermind Lord Matzigkeitus, alongside his evil cohorts Parageist, Ghast, Destroyer, Malphas, as The Projectionist present original concepts and storylines in place of the usual black metal oratory. Musically, The Projectionist use classic heavy metal song structuring that embodies “all the hooks” & the essence of true heavy metal within a modern black / death metal context.

The Projectionist’s full theatrical stage performances depart the confines of traditional black metal and elevate the inherent darkness to a new level of high art. Supported by a nefarious cast of characters which change through every album, forthcoming albums from The Projectionist are to be full operettas or plays set to black metal, where characters from the complex storylines are portrayed by a different vivacious vocal style.

1. Withering (3:34)
2. Sepulchral Oak Door (3:43)
3. Covetous (4:26)
4. Summoning Transference (4:10)
5. The Weakening (4:43)
6. A Startling Housecall (6:02)
7. Exuberance Contorts an Evil (4:35)
8. Flayed (4:26)
9. Perfumes (8:03)
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