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Item no. : THP006CD
Artist : PRONG
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : 13TH PLANET
Release Date : 08 October 2007



Dissonant, dark, dirty and at times rather deranged, Tommy Victor always did swing his D’s low, hard and squarely at your skull Tommy Victor never necessarily did 'happiness' and Prong never necessarily gave a shit about making the 'feel good album of the year'...for Tommy Victor, high-praise for Prong was best served in the packed clubs and sweaty mosh-pits around the world which never missed the band's appearances or albums as 'critics' consistently missed the boat. Which brings us to Power Of The Damager, Prong's bloodiest, sharpest, most gym-whipped riff-spewing album yet. 13th Planet fat cat in leather pants Al Jourgensen says it's Prong's best record ever, and the charmer ain't lying. Turn the fucker up and make sure you wait for the swinging hooks and heavy-weight punches that come with it. What you will recognize are musicians who feed off the power of the riff and the might of alternative music every bit as much as the metallic waters through which Prong have stomped since its inception in New York City during 1986, their roots inspired by DIE KREUZEN, BAD BRAINS, KILLING JOKE and New York noise-rock like SWANS and LIVE SKULL. Recognizing a fellow itinerant musical spirit Al Jourgensen (MINISTRY) was delighted to sign Prong to his indie imprint 13th Planet Records, throwing open the doors to the label’s association with Sonic Ranch Studios down in El Paso, TX and Jourgensen’s own 13th Planet Studios during the summer of 2007, facilitating Prong’s Power Of The Damager. Further recognizing the importance of independence, Jorgensen did not produce the album, leaving that to Victor and associate producer Pittman, who was instrumental in helping with sequencing and arrangements, although Jourgensen does lend a mixing hand on “The Banishment.” Power Of The Damager is an angry record. It’s a real record. It’s based on real experiences and reflects real situations. Nothing’s polished and nothing’s been sautéed…it’s raw, raw as fuck. And You eat Power Of The Damager with all those bloody trimmings hanging off, its taste refreshingly feral in an insipid era of mediocrity. Because with Prong, what you hear is what you get is what they are. No extras, no bullshit. Get it?

1. Looking For Them
2. No Justice
3. 3rd Option
4. Pure Ether
5. Power Of The Damager
6. The Banishment
7. Worst Of It
8. Spirit Guide
9. Messages Inside Of Me
10. Can't Stop The Bleeding
11. Bad Fall
12. Changing Ending Troubling Times
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