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Item no. : PMZ043CD
Artist : PSY:CODE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 09 May 2011



Debut album from Copenhagen heavy metal band PSY:CODE.

"It takes everything that makes mainstream metal good and puts it together for a very fun ride. The chugging rhythm of the album is what really drives the listener, making this a great album to work out or walk to because it just keeps pumping the listener along with every beat. Mighty Music Records have really found a gem with this band, and hopefully they will continue to keep that same energy up without becoming too repetitive with their future work." - Brutalism

"There's a red thread - an identity in sound - that drives the whole album from start the finish, ensuring that more or less every track on the record is solid, and easily recognizable as a Psy:Code song. So although "Delusion" may feature a live-production and an ever-so hollow atmospheres, the songs are strong enough to withstand the pressure of those two factors and triumph as winners in the end. Recommended if you're into Danish metal scene." - Rockfreaks
01. Fundamental State of Mind
02. Prodical Fuckr
03. Cut the Queen
04. Friend of Teena
05. The Silent Majority
06. My Scenario Verge
07. Web of Lies
08. No Regrets
09. As We Fail
10. Do/It
11. Set It Loose 
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