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Item no. : MIND142
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Release Date : 05 October 2009


The sky’s turning into black again: after three years of silence, California’s Psyclon Nine return in 2009 with “We The Fallen”, its darkest, most aggressive album to date. Over the course of their previous albums, Psyclon Nine has continued to evolve into its own sound, implementing elements of industrial, black metal, metal and post-punk influences. Summer of 2000 saw a match made in heaven when ex-roommates Marshall Carnage and Josef Heresy decided to form Psyclon Nine. The band started out as a guitar driven industrial band, heavily influenced by bands like KMFDM and Ministry, but the members soon altered their style towards the more aggressive sounds. Shortly thereafter, the band came together as a whole when Eric Gottesman, the frontman for See Colin Slash joined Carnage and Heresy. In 2003, Psyclon Nine released their fi rst album “Divine Infekt”. The debut album gained the band popularity very quickly with its extremely fast paced music and lyrics. For 2005, the band released its first U.S. album after signing with Metropolis Records. The album, “INRI”, featured thirteen tracks of dark, aggressive music with a focus on religious themes. Not an album for the faint of heart, it was an all out assault on the senses Psyclon Nine hit their mark with “INRI”. With a devote hardcore fan base under their control, the band unleashed their next wave of sonic battery in 2006. “Crwn Thy Frnicatr” featured eleven skin crawling tracks of dark omniscient rhythm, overlaid with haunting melodies and screaming whisper-like vocals. Now the time has come for We The Fallen, an intense synth/black metal attack where Psyclon Nine has enlisted the help of Jason Miller (GodHead) for final tracking and mixing. Dark electro doesn’t get much more evil than this.
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