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Item no. : DRAK2389
Artist : QNTAL
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 09 March 2018



Qntal is a German "electro-medieval" band founded in 1991 by Michael Popp and Ernst Horn. They later added vocalist Syrah (Sigrid Hausen) to complete the band. It has roots in Estampie, a band of similar genre but different style; Michael Popp and Syrah are the principal members.The band's lyrics are primarily drawn from historical sources. Throughout their first three albums, lyrics were primarily in Latin, medieval German, Galician-Portuguese and a few other European tongues. On Qntal IV, the band added a few songs in English to their body of work. Two tracks from this album, Cupido and Flamma, reached the 2005 DAC, peaking at № 1 and № 8 respectively.

1. Nachtblume
2. Die Finstere Nacht
3. Music On The Waters
4. Monteclair
5. Echo
6. Parliament Of Fowles
7. Chint
8. Before The World Was Made
9. O Fortuna
10. Minnelied
11. Sumervar
12. A Chantar

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