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Release Date : 07 August 2015



Quicksilver Messenger Service is considered to be one of the most important bands to come from the San Francisco music scene of the sixties along with their contemporaries The Grateful Dead and The Jefferson Airplane. The band initially came together in 1965 and over the next seven years proceeded to release a number of highly regarded albums and play a great many gigs across America. The band became one of the most popular draws in the Bay area of San Francisco and built a solid reputation as a strong live act built around a mixture of good material and what would essentially become their calling card long extended jamming pieces.. The original line up was guitarists John Cippolina and Gary Duncan alongside drummer Greg Elmore, bassist David Freiberg and vocalist Jim Murray. The classic line up of the band however was considered to be Cippolina, Freiberg, Duncan and Elmore. This line up along with Dino Valenti re formed in 1975 and recorded the Solid Silver album although the reunion was short lived. There were a number of other short-lived reunions across the years however in 2006 the band now led by founders David Freiberg and Gary Duncan reunited to perform a tour under the 40th Anniversary Quicksilver Celebration banner for a tour along with vocalist Linda Imperial, Keyboardist Chris Smith, Bassist Bobby Vega and drummer Prairie Prince and this concert at "The Sweetwater" in Mill Valley California was a highlight of the tour. Across this double album you will hear the band perform key songs from the Quicksilver back catalogue including Mona, Gold and Silver, Dino's Song, Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder and Who Do You Love. The concert which took place on June 7th 2006 obviously inspired both Freiberg and Duncan who have regularly taken the band out on the road, more recently across Europe in the summer of 2008 as special guests of fellow San Francisco band Jefferson Starship.
Disc 1:
1. Vera Cruz 2. Edward 3. Mona 4. Pride of Man 5. Steve McQueen 6. Gold and Silver 7. I Don't Want to Live in Fear 8. Rubba Jeans 9. Dino's Song
Disc 2:
1. Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder 2. What About Me 3. Vera Cruz 4. Gypsy Lights 5. Holiday 6. Who Do You Love 7. Harp Tree Lament 8. Killing Floor 9. Close Enough For Jazz 10. Smokestack Lightning
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