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Item no. : 19269
Artist : R-A-M-S
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 02 February 2015



Swiss Punks deliver another classic throwback with some modern elements and a very unique sound.
Being born from the ashes of The Bucks this three piece clearly know their way around this style of music and deliver it in a very professional and stylish manner.
Sixteen tracks on offer there is variety as the band venture into something of a post punk Bowie in Berlin style on 'Time Get Ready'. It's laid back and works very well and there is something of the Psychedelic Furs going on as well, or at least that's what I'm feeling, especially on songs like the vibrant 'Change The Team'.
1. Easy Taker
2. Beaten Up Dogs Don’t Dance
3. Am I Nominated?
4. The Serious One
5. What Kinda Language Do You Speak?
6. I’m Done with Ding Dong
7. Ain’t Good Enough – Ain’t Bad Enough
8. Low-Paid Show
9. Try It
10. The Carrot
11. Let’s Go For Nothing
12. Privat Affair
13. Time Got Ready (CD only)
14. Change The Team (CD only)
15. G-O-A-L (CD only)
16. I Don’t Feel Like (CD only)
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