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Compact Disc EP


Chest (Inch)

Chest (CM)

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Item no. : PIR014CD
Artist : RE-VOLTS
Product type : Compact Disc EP
Release Date : 17 December 2007



What started in 2006 with four friends studio-bound to lay down the soundtrack for the incredibly strange wrestling movie "El Presidente" now finds itself fueling a revived interest in getting back on the road and continuing to write and play exciting, fun music! In the vein of THE BOYS or the legendary BUZZCOCKS with a SWINGIN' UTTERS and ONE MAN ARMY-esqe backbone, THE RE-VOLTS are gearing up to refresh and revive everyone's love for that new twist on an upbeat classic sound. With only 550 heavy virgin vinyl 10"s w/ CD pressed in this limited run be sure to grab your copies fast!
1. Piles
2. Scales
3. Remains
4. Kick it Over
5. Bridge & Tunnel 6. Runner
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