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Item no. : FAT694
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Release Date : 19 September 2005



If the name of the album wasn’t enough of a hint, then let me spell it out for ya…The Real McKenzies like drinking! If there’s one thing that these Scottish-Canadians love nearly as much, it’s playing punk rock music! They masterfully combine their two fortes on their fifth full length 10,000 Shots. Not since Bob and Dave McKenzie in the 80’s has the world been graced with such talent! With their kilts (and other various stuff) flapping in the wind, this is their best material yet.
The thirteen tracks run the gamut from the tradition Scottish-Canadian song “Farewell To Nova Scotia” to the new original classic “Pour Decisions”, all held together the common glue of Matt McNasty’s punk rock pipe playing! The Real McKenzies datebook is full with them hitting the road for a serious dose of non-stop touring, so catch ‘em when you can! (2005)
1. Smokin' Bowl
2. Best Day Until Tomorrow
3. Will Ye No Come Back Again?
4. Pour Decisions
5. I Hate My Band
6. Farewell To Nova Scotia
7. Bugger Off
8. 10,000 Shots
9. 13
10. The Skeleton And The Tailor
11. Comin' Thro' The Rye
12. The Ale Is Dear
13. The Catalpa
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