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Item no. : FAT977CD
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Release Date : 03 March 2017



For the last quarter century, the merry band of miscreants known as THE REAL McKENZIES have circumnavigated the globe, bringing their punk rock gospel to an ever-adoring throng of rebels, scallywags and ne’er do wells. In celebration of their 25th anniversary The McKENZIES return with their 10th full-length Two Devils Will Talk. Brimming with 14 tracks of invigorating Celtic-tinged punk, Two Devils Will Talk is a non-stop boot-stomping wassail. From the anthemic epic “Due West” to the rollicking reworked classic “Scots Wha Ha’e”, the album heaves with a youthful energy throughout. This is due in no small part to the addition of a few new members to the McKENZIES’ clan; shooting a fresh breeze up their collective kilt. Two Devils Will Talk sees a resilient, triumphant and defiantly hopeful band at the very top of their game and delivers a rousing blast to anyone within earshot.
1. Due West
2. Weyburn
3. One Day
4. Seafarers
5. Northwest Passage
6. Float
7. One Man Voyage
8. Sail Again
9. The Town
10. Pedals
11. Drunkards lament
12. Fuck The Real McKenzies
13. The Comeback
14. Scots Wha Ha’e
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