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Chest (Inch)

Chest (CM)

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Release Date : 07 January 2013



Influential US Hardcore/Grind/Math-core specialists release their latest masterpiece on new label Metal Blade. Building on the cult following created by their debut album (released through Robotic Empire in the US and Reflections in Europe) and relentless touring The Red Chord return with this masterpiece of brutalizing technicality. The band has yet again pushed the envelope of aggressive music weaving a dazzling tapestry combining the best aspects of the hardcore, death, grind and metal genres.
1. Fixation On Plastic
2. Lay The Tarp
3. Black Santa
4. Antman, Clients
5. Upper Decker
6. Hospice Residence
7. Dragon Wagon
8. Love On The Concrete
9. Blue Line Cretin
10. He Was Dead When I Got There.
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