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Item no. : PIR124
Artist : REDUCERS S.F.
Product type : Vinyl - 4 LP Box Set
Release Date : 08 December 2014



To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of one of San Francisco’s most iconic street punk staples, REDUCERS S.F. and their long-time
friends Pirates Press Records have put it all together for the ultra collector, or any fresh-cut, all the same. Packing all three LPs
and even a bonus 12” of demos, live material, B-sides and more, this is truly the essentials, and all anyone needs to figure out why
this band is so integral to the Bay Area street punk / oi! scene.

Demos | B-Sides | Live | Outtakes
Side A
1. Let It Go (previously available on Skins
& Pin compilation, GMM Records, 1998)
2. Refrigerator (previously available: S/T
EP, Sidekicks Records, 2000)
3. Last Train To Dagenham (COCK SPARRER
cover) (previously available: S/T
EP, Sidekicks Records, 2000)
cover; previously available as the Don’t
Like You B-side, TKO Records, 1998)
5. Empty Bottles (Previously Unreleased:
Live at Justice League SF, 2001)
6. Makin’ It (Previously Unreleased: Live at
Justice League SF, 2001)
7. SF United (previously available: This Is
It… Punk Rock That‘s Real, Pelado
Records, 1995)
8. Refrigerator (previously available: I’ve
Got My Friends compilation, Flat
Records, 1996)
9. Makin’ It (previously available: I’ve
Got My Friends compilation, Flat
Records, 1996)
10. We Are The Same (previously
unreleased: demo, 1995)
11. We Are Strong Enough (previously
available on split 7” with LOWER CLASS
BRATS, Pair-O-Docs Records, 1996)
12. Runnin’ Riot (COCK SPARRER cover)
(previously unreleased: demo, 1997)

Backing The Longshot
Side A
1. Never Hear A Word
2. Let It Go
3. Reality Clash
4. Not Too Quick
5. Looking For Glory
6. What’s It All About
Side B
7. A Few Rounds
8. Saturday
9. Lowdown
10. Die Like Me
11. SF United
12. Don’t Like You

Crappy Clubs And Smelly Pubs
Side A
1. Pop Star
2. No Control
3. The Mill
4. Not Fooled
5. Another Day Older
6. Empty Bottles
Side B
7. Our Noise
8. Gone For Good
9. Wide Eyed Kids
10. Never Find Me
11. We Are The People
12. Ole
13. Screwed Again

Raise Your Hackles
Side A
1. Fading Away
2. You Got Nothin’
3. Knocked Out
4. Who’s To Blame
5. The Night
6. Out Tonight
Side B
7. Carry On
8. Troubles And Pains
9. Over The Edge
10. Never Break Me
11. Hired Hand
12. Jokes On Me
13. We Are The Same
14. Broad Majestic Shannon
(Digital Version Only)

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