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Formed over 40 years ago, RESTLESS, led by legendary guitar wizard Mark Harman, have been the front runners of neo-rockabilly ever since their first live appearance in 1980!

They are, without doubt, one of the most successful acts of the genre. Their cult status is founded on their talented musicianship and songwriting skills once again demonstrated on the new album, which is packed full of new, original songs.

"Ready to Go!" is the third Restless album on the Bluelight label and this time the band have returned to the quartet line-up of 1986-1987 featuring Mark Harman, Ben Cooper on drums, Mick Malone on guitar and Jeff Bayly on bass. You can argue whether or not "Ready to Go!" matches the band's classic early albums, but you can also be sure it's another gem and that they are still at the top of their game just as their latest single 'Love Like a Bullet' shows.

1. Love Like a Bullet
2. Ready to Go
3. Crime Don't Pay
4. 18 Wheels
5. One Way
6. Hellbound
7. Knee Deep in the Beat
8. Shake Your Body
9. Open Road (CD only track)
10. Bid for Freedom (CD only track)
11. All Night Long
12. If I Can Ever Let Her Go
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