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Item no. : VIC214CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : VIC
Release Date : 30 October 2020



Reverend is an American thrash and power metal band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in early 1989 when vocalist David Wayne left Metal Church. Most of the earliest band members, were recruited from a Los Angeles power metal act named Heretic (and Heretic’s vocalist Mike Howe joined Metal Church). Vocalist David Wayne sadly died from complications resulting from a traffic accident in 2005. Reverend released two studio albums, one live album and two mini cd’s over the years. David’s final recordings and release was Reverend ‘s ‘A Gathering of Demons’ mini cd  together with the Wayne album ‘Metal Church’. Both were released in 2001. This re-issue of  ‘A Gathering of Demons’ contains a brand new remix of the entire mini cd, plus the original 2001 mix, the UFO cover track ‘Lights Out’ and rare live and recordings, 12 tracks in total. The booklet is carefully restored form the original files and contains extensive liner notes about the entire Reverend history.
1. Massacre the Innocent
2. Down
3. Stealing My Mind
4. Legion
5. Lights Out
Original 2001 Mix
6. Massacre the Innocent
7. Down
8. Stealing My Mind
9. Legion
10. Legion (live San Antonio 2002)
11. Start the Fire (live San Antonio 2002)
12. David’s vocals recording in the studio
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