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Release Date : 11 May 2015



Continuing the hot streak of Blacklist Mercy (2006), March of Crime (2009) and Presenting the Problem (2012), the latest effort from Ribozyme is an intense, 47-minute long red-hot piece of contemporary hard rock fresh off the anvil. While still unmistakably Ribozyme, this album goes even further in exploring the harmonic hive mind of Kjartan Ericsson and Bård Bøge whilst providing unfettered rhythmic work from Cato Olaisen - the vocal work is strongly emphasized and adds new depths and subtleties to their trademark sound, occasionally described as a hybrid of Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Oceansize and Alice in Chains.
It has been three years since the release of Ribozyme’s “Presenting the Problem”, the band’s first release on Indie Recordings. The release of an album, which according to Corey Mitchell of Metalsucks “grooves the fuck out without trying to be hipster cool”, led Ribozyme to do their biggest yet Norwegian tour in 2012. The band was also invited to support “…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead” on the European leg of their tour, spring of 2013, a tour that would become a massive inspiration for the writing of the new album.
The band wanted to do be more oriented towards the rehearsal room in the making of “Grinding Tune” as opposed to the studio-based approach they did on Presenting the Problem. Bård comments: “As the songs [for “Grinding Tune”] was starting to develop, it became evident that the album needed a simpler production approach than their previous album. I feel we’ve gotten better at exploiting the power of simplicity in our album production, and the result is a warmer and more organic sounding album.”


1. Bronze
2. Timely Reminder
3. Inside The Waste
4. Worn
5. Decontrol
6. Axis Rotation
7. Cut In Half
8. Without A Prize
9. Sleeves


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