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Item no. : IHRCD092
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : I HATE
Release Date : 25 November 2016



Since the inception in '93, Swedish Rise And Shine has paved the way for their own version of 70's heavy /psych/doom rock. Despite their roots being ever audible (think Sabbath, The Obssessed, Spirit Caravan, Pentagram, Trouble) Rise and Shine has always sounded like Rise And Shine and no one else. The reason for their uniqueness is spelled Josabeth Leidi. Josabeth has a sky clad, emotionally charged voice echoing Joplin and a pathos that nears that of Faithfull, with which she delivers the bands spot on lyrics darkly, but always with a glimmer of light for the sake of contrast. "Empty Hand" is Rise And Shines fourth album originally released in 2011 and will not disappoint any fan of honest heavy and groovy rock! 
1.Empty Hand
2.Empty Words
3.In the Arms of Death
4.I Don't Belong
5.Someone Else's Share
6.King Cliff
7.Harmony and Noise
8.Dirty Tricks
9.Another Troubled Mind
10.Too Much, Too Fast, Too Loud
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