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Release Date : 25 May 2018



ROA’s unique sound juxtaposes western punk-rock spirit with traditional eastern melody, a concept they’ve dubbed “和洋折衷 / Wayo Settyu” – literally meaning “the blending of Japanese and western styles”. Formed by the drummer of Japan’s legendary chart-topping ska-punk outfit SNAIL RAMP, ROA manage to propel their country’s three-stringed traditional instrument, the Tsugaru-shamisen, into the 21st century by implementing its iconic sound in new and exciting ways.

RODIAC is ROA’s first CD to be released outside of Japan. The release collates all 12 of their latest singles, each themed after and animal from the Japanese signs of the zodiac, and places them on an album exclusively for fans and lovers of new music outside of Japan.

1. Neneration
2. Ushizm
3. Toriot
4. Utopia
5. Tatour
6. Mischeif
7. Umanity
8. Hitsugenius
9. Saroots
10. Kijinx
11. Inuvation
12. Inosecret
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