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Item no. : HUMM073LP
Artist : RORCAL
Product type : Vinyl LP
Label : HUMMUS
Release Date : 08 November 2019



Always driven by a need of constant evolution, RORCAL is back with an ambitious and inhabited 5th album. Entitled Muladona and integrally based on the novel of the same name published in 2016 by the writer Eric Stener Carlson, this new work evolves through shorter, less progressive titles as deployed on Creon, while preserving the melodic depth and attention to detail that made the interest of this album. The undeniable black metal influences are here joined by drone / doom incursions that give this new creation a much more narrative aspect and thus helps to capture the horrifying essence of the novel from which it is directly inspired. The album was made in close collaboration with Carlson who lent his voice to foster a total immersion in the story of the Muladona, functioning as a degenerate sound companion to this rich & epic work of horror. Recorded fully live during three rainy days in spring 2019, Muladona marks a fascinating new chapter and shows a group in full possession of its means and destiny.
The Unholy year of 2005: RORCAL is born out of a baleful fog. The common aim shared by the 5 Swiss fellows has always been clear: reaching the deepest depths of darkness, searching a way to express the unnamable. This way has taken multiple shapes, from slowest forms of sonic punishment to cathartic expression of sound’s malevolence. The result is now well known, 4 albums exploring all the shades of extreme music, numerous splits and collaborations showing the wide range of possibilities lying within the band, various EPs, all displaying a different face of this ever evolving entity. And there’s the shows, of course. An insane lot of them. Across the whole Europe, and for the first time in 2018, in Japan. Every live manifestation revealing the unique intensity that this band can reach on stage: A complete inner experience, a moment of ecstatic exposure. Now the time has come to explore another shade of blackness. A 5th album, named MULADONA, is to be released in fall 2019. Again, the band unleashed a new chapter of its unique path. Probably the most interesting & punishing of their career.
1. This is how I came to associate drowning with tenderness
2. She drained you of your innocence and you poisoned her with it
3. I'd done my duty to my mother and father. And more than that I'd found love
4. A sea of false smiles hiding murder jealousy and revenge
5. Carnation were not the smell of death. They were the smell of desire
6. The only constant in this world is blackness of the human heart
7. I was the Muladona's seventh tale
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