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Item no. : KAR191CD
Artist : RUPHUS
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 07 August 2020



“Flying Colours” is the fifth album from the legendary Norwegian prog/jazz rock band Ruphus, originally released in 1978. After living in Germany for a while, the band had developed a dedicated following there. In fact, they did so much touring in Continental Europe, to the extent that many Norwegian record buyers thought that Ruphus was a German band! The line-up on “Flying Colours” was the same as on its predecessor “Inner Voice”: Kjell Larsen (guitar), Asle Nilsen (bass), Sylvi Lillegaard (vocals), Thor Bendiksen (drums) and Jan Simonsen (keyboards). Once again, the album was recorded in Rosenborg Studios, engineered by Hans Petter Danielsen.
“Inner Voice” is the fifth in a series of Ruphus re-issues from Karisma Records, remastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel, etc).
1. Foodlover’s Diet
2. Frysja
3. Early Riser
4. Flying Colours
5. The Rivulet
6. Joy
7. Moody Moments
 Part One: The Moment
 Part Two: Gloom
 Part Three: Exaltation
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