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Item no. : ANTIGOTH422CD
Artist : SABBAT
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 20 December 2019



Over the course of the label’s history, few bands have earned and received a level of support from Nuclear War Now! comparable to that of the legendary Sabbat. The long-term mutual respect between label and band culminated in the 2014 box set, “Sabbatical Earlyearslaught,” which compiled both the seminal and previously-unreleased recordings of the band and its previous incarnations from its inception up to the release of its first album, “Envenom,” from 1991. Since then, NWN! has begun the endeavor of releasing Sabbat’s subsequent early albums for the American market with particular attention paid to maintaining the authentic spirit of the original CD releases from Gezol’s own label, Evil Records, beginning with the January 2018 reissue of “Envenom.” Now, approximately one year later, NWN! proudly presents the reissue of the band’s second album, “Evoke,” originally released in 1992. As was done with “Envenom,” no consideration has been overlooked in representing the recording as faithfully as possible to the band’s original vision, both musically and aesthetically.
1.Danse Du Sabbat (Intro)
2.Metalucifer and Evilucifer
3.Godz of Satan
4.Torment in the Pentagram
6.The Whisper of Demon
7.The Curse of Pharaoh
8.Total Necro...
10.Beyond the River
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