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Item no. : INDIE188CD
Artist : SARKE
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 13 October 2017



Sarke’s fifth album is an album true to the bands aesthetics and style, with Nocturno Culto’s icy and grim vocals in the top layer they continue the slow and tight mid-tempo black metal. ‘Viige Urh’ presents eight tracks that stretches from melodic and atmospheric parts colored with sometimes an irregular rhythm, to ice cold and clean riffs that enhances the vocals and the bands storytelling.
Their upcoming album inhibits some similarities with their previous album ‘Bogefod’ in terms of the conceptual idea. Viige Urh is not situated in a specific universe, but you can find a common thread through the themes of the tracks – they are all revolving around the idea of time passed. The phrase ‘Viige Urh’ can be translated to “time that has passed” or “a time that’s already lived and cannot be changed”.
Because of some of the foreign and mysterious titles of the album’s tracks, it might be of interest to explain briefly what the lyrical content is about. As previously mentioned, the title of the album represents ‘time passed’. The lyrics describe vastly different creatures, situations and places that range from realism to mythology and from old history to contemporary time. Even though these entities do not have much in common, they all share a similar trait: they all give off a connotation of time passed, or a feeling of extreme unending. You could say this also is reflected by the album cover – an old and weary knife sits on top of growth rings, and a shadow spills out on the rings representing an old sun clock.


01 Viige Urh
02 Dagger Entombed
03 Age Of Sail
04 Upir
05 Jutul
06 Punishment To Confessions
07 Knifehall
08 Evolution And Fate
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