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DEMO 1984

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Item no. : DARK003MCD
Artist : SAURON
Product type : Compact Disc Mini
Release Date : 06 January 2023



High priority release on Dark Archives.

Female fronted Heavy Metal/Hard Rock from Sweden, recorded back in 1984. Sauron is a sentinel on a journey through the barriers of life. Your guiding star in a labyrinth where death reigns. Twisted and distorted sound full of heavenly emotions. Norrköping’s specimen know their craftmanship with the recording never made for mass-consumption. Officially released for the first time in nearly 40 years.

I discovered this old release on the net in 2020. I was surprised that the main-track had so many views, I really liked it! Sauron's 'Demo 1984' had been uploaded some years before but it wasn't until the year of 2020 that things really started to happen. People reacted and wanted to lay their hands on this obscure piece of art (never officially released at that time.) The main-member also discovered it there and put out his personal email-address there, the reactions were immense! I finally contacted him in the spring of 2021 and told about my plans wanting to re-release it and he agreed. Several other labels had showed interest, so I really had luck in sealing the deal in right time. There is so much great music out there but I thought Sauron, in some way, stood out. Maybe because they had a female singer? Swedish Hard Rock/Heavy Metal really began to get big in the 1980's, probably much because of Europe's worldwide success. Their music influenced hundred or even thousand of young people in Sweden to start their own bands. Most of them only in their adolesc ence but they had the capacity to create something unique, and so had Sauron. That's why you are holding this official re-release now in your hands. It is available on 12"vinyl, Cassette and CD.

180 gram Black vinyl comes with: Thick jacket with 5 mm spine, printed inner-sleeve, 1 insert, 2 posters, 16-pages stapled A4-boooklet with lyrics and drawings.

1. A Lover in Black
2. On My Way to Heaven
3. Send it Back
4. Stormchild
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