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The Savage Rose, led by Annisette’s awe-inspiring, soulful and great voice, has played and sung it’s way through three generations and is able to continuously make every concert into a highly relevant and unique experience.
With a now rarely seen mixture of spiritual and rebellious energy, the live performances of The Savage Rose captivates, embraces and challenges the audience, and invites on a musical and spiritual journey.
The Savage Rose was formed in 1967 by siblings Thomas Koppel and Anders Koppel, respectively. composer and lyricist, who was born in a family of classical musicians.
With the desire to create new music that connected to his time in the midst of a youth revolt, they created along with jazz drummer Alex Riel and a team of music club musicians a new and revolutionary sound. The inspiration came among others from the sixties new musical waves (in popular music) with a.o. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and James Brown.
1. Homeless
2. We Go On
3. Woman
4. Darling Dear
5. Harassing
6. Exit
7. Sorrow's Hands
8. That's Where I'm Going
9. Romano Song
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