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Item no. : PMZ211LP
Artist : SEA
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 12 May 2017



When SEA released their self-titled debut album in 2014, Sweden Rock Magazine gave them 8/10 and mentioned Tony Iommi and Bruce Dickinson. Rock It from Germany likewise gave the album 8/10 and compared it to Soundgarden. Scream from Norway gave a blistering 5/6 review and categorized SEA with Rival Sons. After the release of the debut album, SEA have played big festivals like Copenhell and toured Germany and their home county Denmark intensely. The band's raw and challenging style is a blend of the classic heavy rock from the giants of the past and their own unique and powerful expression. Combining strong vocals, heavy riffs, catchy choruses, twin guitars and a mission to keep the guitar led rock alive, the band a huge adrenaline boost into the heavy rock scene. Their sound is reminiscent of rock legends like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy, but with the touch of a young, hungry Scandinavian band in their twenties. "Some songs take months to perfect, but "Once We Were Dead" took 30 minutes. Once the riff started rolling, the rest came naturally. This is the result. Enjoy!" - Anders Brink, SEA. Their award winning debut album has received world praise from both critics, fans and rock and metal legends. It has brought SEA several awards, nominations and many miles in the tour bus around Denmark and the rest of Europe. Now the band is back with their long awaited second album. It was recorded in Vibe Factory Studios in Copenhagen with producer Jakob Winther, who is primarily know for his work with artists like Justin Hawkins (The Darkness), Lukas Graham and many more. SEA wanted to bring Jakobs slightly different perspective and experience into their heavy rock universe. The focus has been to capture the atmosphere that the band creates at their live shows. The sound is both raw, warm, alive and organic, and the result is something that both the band and producer are very proud of and eager to show the world. The record was mastered in Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton. He has mastered albums and singles for some of the biggest acts worldwide including The Beatles, Bring Me the Horizon, My Bloody Valentine and many more. The collaboration gave the band a unique opportunity to work in one of the holiest temples of rock music. Even though the sound is heavy and energetic, the record also explores more mellow, melancholic and melodic elements. Lead singer and lyricist Anders Brink, writes about both personal, existential, political and social subjects. So besides giving the listener a kick in the ass, “The Grip of Time” also creates an opportunity for a more in depth listening. With the new album at hand the band is raring to show their evolution and bring their hard rock to the stages around the world. This album is a big priority for Mighty Music and will be heavily advertised and promoted worldwide.
1. Rust
2. Once We Were Dead
3. Time Will Let You Know
4. Shout
5. No Dawn
6. Back To The Ground
7. Sing For Your Right
8. Dust will Fall
9. The Stranger Within
10. Sea
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