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Release Date : 06 March 2020



For eighteen months everything was quiet with the German metal band SERIOUS BLACK, a comparatively long time for a band that, since its inception in 2015, let a maximum of one year pass until the release of a new album. After three successful predecessors and more than 120 shows worldwide, they used their well-deserved time-out to design new concepts, to work on fresh material. Bassist Mario proudly announces: "The waiting comes to an end, we are fresh and rested. Above all, we are hungry to return to the stage." In 2020 it's finally happening! The German-American band proudly presents their highly anticipated fourth studio album "Suite 226". And that will stir the Power Metal community´s blood. "Suite 226" features more driving guitars, catchy hooks and finest riffing, as you know it from "As Daylight Breaks". SERIOUS BLACK takes the listener on a musically journey into psychiatry, between heaven and hell; "Suite 226" is the perfect oundtrack for this trip to the place of damnation. Ruthless riffs meets catchy melodies, driven by a manic rhythm section, Urban Breed´s top-rated unleashed vocals add the necessary amount of insanity. After listening to this dervish of an album one may ask oneself what is actually fiction, what is reality. And who knows, after that you may also hear these soft voices in your head. Don´t say nobody warned you!
1. Let Me Go
2. When The Stars Are Right
3. Solitude Étude
4. Fate Of All Humanity
5. Castiel
6. Heaven Shall Burn
7. Way Back Home
8. We Still Stand Tall
9. Come Home
10. Suite 226
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