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Item no. : SXYCD071
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 25 October 2010


Over 20 years in the game and still achieving huge critical and commercial success with each new release, Sheryl Crow has proven herself to be one of the most gifted singers and songwriters of modern times. When her debut album, ‘Tuesday Night Music Club’ burst into the public consciousness in 1994, it was the result of both a rare talent and extreme, dedicated hard work - Sheryl had spent years honing her craft, studying music performance and composition, and playing as a session musician. Nine Grammy Awards and 35 million album sales later, it is clear that this effort has paid off. And today, with her latest release repeating once again her glorious past achievements, the future looks as bright as ever for Missouri’s favourite daughter.

Sheryl Crow – The Lowdown is a two disc set celebrating this woman’s incredible talent and astonishing longevity. Featuring over an hour’s worth of interviews with the girl herself, recorded at various points in her career, and an audio-biography documenting her astonishing rise to the top and the amazing body of work she has created along the way.

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