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From a file on a computer sitting in New Delhi, to a full-fledged touring band with members from around the world formed over the internet – Skyharbor has defied convention every step of the way. The debut album Blinding White Noise was released worldwide in 2012 to critical acclaim and earned the band a dedicated fan following across the globe. Since then, Skyharbor has been performing regularly around the world and making waves with their distinctive brand of sweeping, ethereal prog-rock, releasing Guiding Lights in 2014 after a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign. The all-new LP, Sunshine Dust was recorded in Australia with renown producer Forrester Savell. Sunshine Dust, the band’s nearly four years in the making third full-length album, delivers on the atmospheric and emotional promise of their earlier material, with breathtaking tectonic shifts between a wall of sound ambiance and groove.
1. Signal 1:20
2. Dim 4:58
3. Out Of Time 4:57
4. Synthetic Hands 5:41
5. Blind Side 6:37
6. Disengage / Evacuate 6:12
7. Ethos 4:09
8. Ugly Heart 4:28
9. The Reckoning 6:24
10. Dissent 3:34
11. Menace 4:49
12. Temptress 2:15
13. Sunshine Dust 6:19
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