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Item no. : SOM247LP
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 31 October 2011



SOLSTAFIR have come a long way from an obscure Black Metal band out of Reykjavik, Iceland to a musically mindboggling and unique mixture of dark Metal, psychedelic passions and an eerily rocking groove – beloved and praised by critics and fans alike. This band's journey started in the year 1994 and continuously meandered into something that their many die hard adherents describe as "extremely cool" and "different". SOLSTAFIR’s latest releases "Masterpiece of Bitterness" (2005) and "Kold" (2009) gained high acclaim from all sides. Now the quartet’s burgeoning creativity has been bubbling up like a hot geyser unleashing their breathtaking double album "Svartir Sandar", which takes the metamorphosis of these individualists close to perfection. This eagerly awaited masterpiece comes with a red hot passion like glowing magma and emotionality as stormy as the Northern Atlantic. Ride this volcano with Iceland’s gnarled and twisted cowboys of Rock and Metal!

CD 1 "Andvari"
1. Ljos i Stormi
2. Fjara
3. Pin Ord
4. Sjuki Skugginn
5. AEra
6. Kukl

CD 2 "Gola"
1. Melrakkablus
2. Draumfari
3. Stinningskaldi
4. Stormfari
5. Svartir Sandar
6. Djakninn

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