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Due 10 May 2024
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Release Date : 10 May 2024



"PHANTOM" is the fifth album by The Sonic Dawn, unfolding as a journey through 10 acid rock tracks that absorb the impressions of a world gone mad.

Reflecting on the album’s themes, singer and guitarist Emil Bureau notes, “When we sing about killing machines in the sky and the 21st-century blues, I think many will be able to relate. We’re here to say that mankind has a future on this planet if we want one.”

Diverging from the band's earlier work, The Sonic Dawn embraces a more raw and heavy sound on several tracks, complementing the dark themes. Simultaneously, the band's signature melodic psychedelia weaves moments of sonic grace into the tapestry.

Phantom, true to its name, oscillates between horror and reassuring beauty, akin to a fever dream where reality is clung to by a single thread.

“Every song, line, and solo is delivered with intention and intensity. I hope people will receive it as we intend it. That is, as real acid rock from a band with a message,” states Emil Bureau.

1. 21st Century Blues
2. Iron Bird
3. Think It Over
4. Nothing Can Live Here
5. Dreams of Change
6. Pan Am
7. Transatlantique
8. Scorpio
9. Micro Cosmos in a Drop
10. Friend
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