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Item no. : ARCD0085
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 25 April 2011



THEOMACHIA - the third opus from the UK’s leading purveyors of militant black/death violence. By far the most hostile, destructive and apocalyptic Spearhead release to date. Succeeding the themes of their previous work, THEOMACHIA espouses the doctrines of rise and fall, ascension and decline, and the cyclical nature of time - inflicting 11 tracks of punishing martial terror in defiance of the Western myth of linear progression. We are in the winter of our civilisation. Either surrender to the swift advance of death or perish by the sword of all-devouring time! Svpero Omnia! For fans of Morbid Angel, Centurian and Angelcorpse.
1. Eschatos
2. The Lie of Progression
3. Kshatriya
4. Perdition Tide
5. Polemos Pater Panton
6. Praesagium
7. Herald The Lightning
8. Prey to the Conqueror
9. Autocrator
10. To Slake The Thirst of Ages
11. Aftermath
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