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Release Date : 24 August 2018



Stallion are a traditional heavy metal band from Germany. Äxl and Paul have been sharing a flat for the last six years. As they were not able to find suitable musicians for their project, the two decided to record their debut mini-album "Mounting The World" on their own accord. Paul was handling the vocals and Äxl played all the instruments on the six tracks. However, Stallion is not a mere studio project. The band is one of the hottest newcomers in German Metal at the moment. Stallion will present their new complete line-up this year when they are playing such prestigious festivals as “Keep It True”, “Metal Assault”, “Hell Over Hamburg” and “Hell's Pleasure” (to name just a few). The opener of "Mounting The World", “Canadian Steele”, is a nod to the New Wave Of Canadian Metal. Stallion are friends with current Canadian Metal bands such as Cauldron, Axxion, Skull Fist and Striker. This does not  mean, however, that they're trying to copy their sound. Far from it. “We wanted to cover a wide spectrum of different metal styles,” explains Paul. “And I do think that we have achieved just that,” he continues. “We're just playing the stuff we'd like to listen to anyway. Lyrically, I'm writing about what happens to me in everyday life. That's the inspiration for me”. A superb cover version of Rock Goddess' “Heavy Metal Rock 'n' Roll” rounds off this fantastic mini-album.  Stallion already have a solid local fan base here in Germany and with the first mini-album, there's surely no stopping them.
1. Canadian Steele
2. Killing Time
3. Give It to Me
4. The Right One
5. Shadow Run
6. Heavy Metal Rock´n Roll (Rock Goddess cover)
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