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Item no. : AB091LU
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Release Date : 28 June 2019



Since 1994, French pagan folk stalwarts Stille Volk have released six flawless albums, establishing a unique style of acoustic music with an arcane, rustic atmosphere that invokes primeval heathen nature. In this way, they have been one of the pioneers of a musical scene and, in fact, an entire subculture that venerates ancient traditions. With "Milharis", the quartet celebrates its 25th anniversary in style, inviting you to a musical journey through the old myths of the Pyrenees mountain range.
The group's seventh album marks its renewed collaboration with Prophecy Productions / Auerbach Tonträger, who also released the genre pionieer's classic "Satyre Cornu" in 2001. Indeed, Stille Volk may have come full circle in several respects, not least thematically and musically. With a title harking back as far as 1997 to the song 'La Complainte De Milharis' from the band's debut "Hantaoma", the new record is easily their most consummate in terms of style, replete with lush acoustic arrangements and tribal percussions.
"It is based upon Milharis, one of the most important characters in Pyrenean mythology," explains main man Patrice Roques. "This patriarch shepherd of supposedly 999 years is related to the origins of the mountains and evokes the arrival of the first snow there, which probably symbolizes the beginning of Christianization and therefore the end of paganism." Mixed and mastered by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E to highlight Stille Volk's instrumental prowess and sonic power, "it is still authentic pagan music. It contains energic songs with a mystical, spiritual atmosphere. There are long tracks without vocals but also symphonic choirs, and you hear the historic hurdy gurdy or nyckelharpa. It is a timeless, primal piece."

1. Sous la peau de la montagne
2. L'aurost lunaire
3. Incantation mystique
4. Le crépuscule du pâtre
5. La mòrt de Milharis
6. Dans un temps qui n'a pas d'histoire…
7. La grotte du jadis
8. Sacré dans la tourmente
9. Neige que versa le ciel noir…
10. Parmi les monts oubliés

Bonus CD (AB091LU Only):
1. Méditations sous le temple de granit
2. Le tombeau de Beliou
3. Linceul blanc

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