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Item no. : M0602
Artist : STINKY
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 15 May 2020



The French hardcore group STINKY –- who have played more than 350 concerts across 15 different countries in support of their first two albums, including a standout performance at last year's Hellfest – will release their third full-length album “Of Lost Things,” on M-Theory.

While the band's name might seem curious to some, STINKY's music unquestionably passes the smell test. Influenced by the likes of Comeback Kid, Bane, Miles Away and Champion, the band capably fuses melody with an affinity for violence, making the quintet a combustible mix of energy and aggression.

On “Of Lost Things,” which was recorded in part by Fabien Guilloteau (Hacride, The Necromancers) and features cover artwork by Emy Rojas (Clutch, Ministry, Queens of the Stone Age), STINKY sharpens the edge displayed on the band's first two albums while also introducing more melancholic elements that further accent their characteristic melody and punch. Says vocalist Claire, “The album reflects lost memories and emotions conducive to self-reflection – a safe haven for all that we wanted to share.”

Since their formation a decade ago, STINKY has toured Europe numerous times, sharing the stage with the likes of Sick Of It All, Terror, Walls of Jericho and Millencolin. The band plans to tour aggressively in support of “Of Lost Things,” beginning with a series of dates in their home country.

1. Revival Fire
2. Lame Heart
3. Distance
4. Strangers With Familiar Faces
5. Mind Trapped
6. Unloving
7. Nosedive
8. Struggle
9. Made It Home
10. Spring Letter
11. Rough Diamond (Unplugged)
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