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Release Date : 05 August 2022



Dark-post-gaze rock from Sweden!

"New Sun" was born right after the release of their third album, Sick Sad Love, in November 2019. Soon the postmodern plague hit the world and Stiu couldn’t play anymore shows than the one sold out release show in Stockholm. When we started making the music, our guitarist, Nicklas Bargell, and I took turns playing drums, and we made some stuff as a trio. A new drummer came in and lots of music was made. New Sun was recorded by the band in our own studio, Shadow Kingdom, and mixed by our drummer, Christian Augustin, together with the rest of us. It was mastered by long-time collaborator and friend Magnus Lindberg. 

The artwork was, as always, made by our bassplayer, Kalle Mattsson. This time we kept it all in the family. 

Musically, we dig deeper into the ground on which we are standing and things go in a few different directions, as on all our albums. 

Some words from Jessica Mengarelli on her lyrics:
"The lyrics spring from a sense of desperation and acuteness, they are an expression of how it feels to be driven by restlessness, to be flung between euphoria and resignation, to crave presence, to give up to indifference, to feel trapped in the grip of old experiences. They try to process the different ways I've been dealing with those emotions."

1. Styx
2. Siren
3. Transcend
4. New Sun
5. Nyx
6. Zero Trust
7. Visa
8. Dragon's Lair
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