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Item no. : SOM137CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 16 October 2006



Norwegian writer, philosopher and musician Cornelius von Jakhelln a.k.a. STURMGEIST lets loose his newest melding of thrash, industrial and black metal upon the world, from the new headquarters in Berlin. “Über” contains a host of dramatic, down-tuned songs inspired by Germanic culture and history. As 2006 marks the 250th birthday of Austrian composer W.A. Mozart, STURMGEIST think it’s appropriate to commemorate him with a heavy cover of Falco’s song “Rock me Amadeus”, which sums up the spirit of the band – fun and culture! Drummer Anti-Christian (Tsjuder, Grimfist) ensures the lethal pounding necessary to the STURMGEIST sound, along with new guitarist John Erik Jacobsen. Break out the beer and let the party begin!
1. Meister
2. Blood-Axe
3. Dobermann
4. Grimanic Guerillas
5. Iron Hammer
6. Party Über Alles
7. Ruger
8. Mephisto
9. Triumph
10. The Unknown Soldier
11. London
12. Enigma
13. Rock Me Amadeus
14. Hindenburg
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