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Item no. : SC118CD
Artist : SUB ZERO
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 24 April 2006



A truly new and unique style of bludgeoning, crossover hardcore music has been unleashed on the masses through ‘THE SUFFERING OF MAN’, the newest full-length release by renowned NY hardcore veterans SUBZERO. SUBZERO began back in 1989 with former members of late 80's straight edge heroes UP-FRONT and legendary mid 80's hardcore pioneers BREAKDOWN, who were one of the originators of this brutal metallic mosh break, mixed with fist pumping anthem style hardcore music that we see and hear so much of today. Taking the experience that they learned from those bands and combining new and diverse elements of hardcore, punk and metal along with vocalist LU whose ability is something more than just 1 dimensional screaming, SUBZERO became a staple in the scene. With only a couple of street demos and a 7" record release floating around, SUBZERO proved worthy of sharing the stage multiple times with what were top acts of that era (SICK OF IT ALL, CRO -MAGS, AGNOSTIC FRONT). Along with that came a strong underground following and the band was eventually noticed and picked up by top metal label Century Media Records, who put out their debut CD-LP entitled ‘HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE’. SUBZERO gained immediate attention and respect from the hardcore, punk and metal music scenes worldwide. Since the release of ‘HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE’ and, after that, ‘NECROPOLIS, CITY OF THE DAMNED’ in 2003, SUBZERO have toured the world many times over as headliners and as a support group under national acts as well. They've played all the major festivals in Europe and have shared the stages with the likes of Hatebreed, Motorhead, Bad Brains, Machine Head, Megadeth, Refused, Misfits, Napalm Death, Ramones, Dropkick Murphys and many more as they appeal to such a diverse audience. Now in 2005 with the addition of new members Walter a.k.a "MONSTA" on drums (formerly of MACHINE HEAD, POSSESSED, SNOT, BONE CRUSHER, TESTEMANT and many others) Eddie Ortiz on 2nd guitar (formerly of NYC's infamous grind core band Cattlepress) SUBZERO are throwing full contact blows to the head.
If you're ready to take on an original, one of a kind style of blood curdling hardcore and are ready to unleash some serious frustration.....go out and pick this album up!


  • 1. The Underground
  • 2. Suffer, Squeal, Burn
  • 3. Mans-Son
  • 4. Swingin’ From The Noose
  • 5. Suicidal Crucifixion
  • 6. Dirty Needles
  • 7. The Funeral
  • 8. Lion Hearted
  • 9. To Your Grave
  • 10. Forced To Bleed
  • 11. The Suffering Of Man
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