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Release Date : 06 July 2018



It is the fundamental rule in Subsignal: the band always resets the focus and overhauls the pressure points from album to album. That is why in the run-up to “La Muerta” the German outfit did not only sign a new record deal with Gentle Art of Music, but the five-piece also made a decision in favor of a modified approach in terms of the project’s artistic priorities. While on earlier releases the band still lit up the literal torch to lead the audience’s way through the tricky pathways of the delicately tangled progressive rock-undergrowth, this time, despite several hints of assistance here and there, Subsignal indeed put their trust in the power of the songwriting as well as the intuition of the listener. The band’s signature energy is no less essential than ever before, but its unique presence has transformed and taken on a significantly more subtle role. The same goes for the technical sophistication of the musical implementation: it is still a driving force but it no longer lunges right into the listener’s face. Much more it clandestinely sneaks up from the – only seemingly! – diffuse atmosphere to ultimately spread with all the force that fans and critics alike have praised.

1. 271 Days
2. La Muerta
3. The Bells Of Lyonesse
4. Every Able Hand
5. Teardrops Will Dry In Source Of Origin
6. The Approaches
7. Even Though The Stars Don't Shine
8. The Passage
9. When All The Trains Are Sleeping
10. As Birds On Pinions Free
11. Some Kind Of Drowning

Bonus tracks (live - on Vinyl only)
1. The Sea
2. A New Reliance
3. Beautiful & Monstrous

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