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Release Date : 28 April 2017


“I was the first rock’n’roll chick, lead singer, serious bass player, kicking ass with the guys in the band, and beating them at their own game” But when the lights go down and the leather catsuit comes off, there’s another side of Suzi Quatro that only her closest friends know – a sensitive, soul-searching and philosophical woman who’s been pouring her heart out in poetry since she was seven years old. Only no one’s had the chance to read it…until now Through My Eyes is Suzi Quatro’s first collection of poetry. It is a collection that is candid, thought-provoking, revealing and sometimes shocking. If you thought being an international rock star was all glamour and good times, Through My Eyes will take you on a rock’n’rollercoaster of a jouney through a life bedeviled by men who were often unsuitable, unspeakable or unattainable…not that Suzi was going to take any of that lying down! The poems reveal some of Suzi’s deepest and most intimate feelings. They are predominantly about love, from the optimism and exuberance of a young singer about to launch her solo career, to the acrimony and disillusionment relating to various relationships – real, imaginary or longed for – that punctuated her subsequent life. Suzi has also included notes that reveal where she was and what she was doing at the time she was writing. Taking things on a stage from her autobiography, Unzipped, this is rhyme…with a reason!
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