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Release Date : 30 October 2020



SVABHAVAT are a brand-new entity hailing from the American Pacific Northwest. A duo, they describe their music as "Ritualistic Necromancy Black Metal," and indeed is that demi-tag apt: across the band's Black Mirror Reflection debut, one will find the refreshingly old stench of archetypal Darkthrone, Mayhem, and especially Kartharsis. No elegiac odes to the Cascadians or sun-drenched bliss masquerading as "black metal" here; SVABHAVAT offer nothing but cold 'n' cruel intensity, violently at odds with their region's reigning paradigm. Yet, for a sound so stridently traditional, SVABHAVAT offer unique twists of the knife across Black Mirror Reflection, its self-imposed boundaries paradoxically offering freedom. Undoubtedly, those noble influences form their foundation - as they do for countless black metal bands, past and present - but there's a devilish delirium the duo delve into across their debut album which suggests aesthetic aims beyond the tried & true (or "tired & tr00"). Almost deceptively so, Black Mirror Reflection in fact reflects a hovering, haunting melodicism that poignantly penetrates one's subsconcious but never without smacking of the saccharine; simply put, SVABHAVAT's ceaseless(ly sinister) intensity bleeds through at any speed, which is all the more suprising given their Spartan composition as a two-piece. And speaking of compositions, the six comprising this 37-minute Black Mirror Reflection are mini-epics in their own right, offering expectionally linear narratives exceedingly daubed in the grim and ghoulish, the total package taut and swiftly satisfying. Intoxication through damnation, salvation through incineration...SVABHAVAT offer a dread path ahead. Step forward and stare into their Black Mirror Reflection.
1. Mysteries of the Odious Path
2. Great Tiamat, Filled with Corpses
3. Abhicaara
4. Chalice of Poisoned Souls
5. Aghori, Flame of Knowledge  
6. Black Mirror Reflection
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