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Due 31 May 2024
Item no. : AR131LPBOX
Product type : Vinyl LP Box Set
Release Date : 31 May 2024



"The Singles Collection (The Spinefarm Years)" is a new luxurious compilation of singles by the legendary Finnish doom/death metal band
Swallow The Sun. It focuses on the Spinefarm era of the band, which is to say their first six releases - five full-length albums and the 'Plague Of Butterflies' EP. All of these full-lengths are represented with two songs (the singles) each on 12" singles, while the EP is included in its entirety on the same format, all of them including the original singles artwork and new liner notes provided by the band itself. The booklet pages and lavish press photos in poster size were made especially for this boxset. In total, a limited and numbered edition of 700 units which includes certificate of authenticity. This boxset is a beautifully elegant way to revisit under a new (dark) light the essential parts of the first era of Swallow The Sun, an essential band on the doom scene today.

"Swallow the Sun is one of those bands that has created a notable amount of music over the years while remaining true to their own unique
sound. They have managed to consistently innovate their thoughtful voice while maintaining their originality."
- Ghost Cult Magazine

The Morning Never Came:
1. Swallow (Horror Pt. I)
2. Through Her Silvery Body

Ghosts Of Loss:
1. The Giant
2. The Ship

Plague Of Butterflies:
1. Losing The Sunsets
2. Plague Of Butterflies
3. Evael 10:00

1. Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. II)
2. Justice Of Suffering

New Moon:
1. New Moon
2. These Woods Breathe Evil

Emerald Forest And The Blackbird:
1. Cathedral Walls
2. Hate, Lead The Way!

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