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Chest (CM)

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Release Date : 28 April 2017


As the daughter of a mega-wealthy Russian oligarch, you would assume Polina Averyanov has everything money can buy. When eighteen-year-old Polina aspires to be a pop star, her wealthy father does what any well to do magnate would―he does his best to make his daughter’s dream come true, but quickly discovers pop stardom cannot be easily bought. When Polina competes in a small song contest in the Ukraine, her existence comes to the attention of her father’s worst enemy, Boris Korzhakov. Boris has reached the higher echelons of Russian politics to head the FSB, which is concerned with internal security of the Russian State, but is also involved in the fight against espionage and organised crime, formerly a faction of the KGB. Boris Korzhakov was Stanislav Averyanov’s business partner until Averyanov was arrested for crimes against the state. After bribing his way out of prison, Averyanov moved the major part of his assets to London. Polina’s career isn’t taking off, and when there’s a direct threat to the Averyanov family, Gresham CPC Global are called in to protect the spoilt young girl, and her family. Brody McCaine and his partner, Glen, are asked to guard the girl on a twenty-four-hour basis. Why has Boris Korzhakov suddenly decided to attack the Averyanov family after all these years? He has had no dealing with Stanislav Averyanov for over twenty years. Korzhakov seems more interested in Stanislav’s daughter, than the oligarch himself. Could it have something to do with the expensive jewellery Polina is wearing, which she inherited from her great grandmother, and given to her for her eighteenth birthday. Charlotte Hart is still living with her dysfunctional family and struggling to make a career for herself as a music journalist, while divorcing her husband, who is making life difficult for her. It all comes to a head when Brody and Glen turn up at Charlotte Hart’s family home, in need of a safe house. Brody’s feelings for Charlie become evident to Polina, who has developed a deep crush, bordering on obsession, for Brody. Charlie’s dysfunctional family finds itself in the middle of a bitter feud that has international implications and isn’t helped by the fact that the band The Sticks road manager, Digger, turns up with problems of his own. Loyalties are tested as the need to escape from the Hart family house, which is under surveillance by FSB agents, and they work to research the origin of Polina’s jewellery and get to the bottom of what really happened to Polina’s great grandmother during the Russian revolution in 1917, at the same time keeping their whereabouts hidden from the people who are looking for them.
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