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Release Date : 30 November 2009



When it comes to French Black Metal, TEMPLE OF BAAL is often mentioned as an example of integrity and excellence. After two full-length (Servants Of The Beast and Traitors To Mankind) a load of split Eps and strong of a good live reputation, TEMPLE OF BAAL is one of the most respected bands of the French scene. 2009 sees the band releasing its third full length, Lightslaying Rituals on Agonia Records. Once again, TEMPLE OF BAAL sets standards of excellence. Blending occult Black Metal atmospheres, Death Metal aggression and intense guitar leads with the darkest aspects of spirituality, "Lightslaying Rituals" makes a stand against every archetype of power, wether they are of divine or human origin. And once again, TEMPLE OF BAAL has given a tribune to a close relative of the band : Infestuus, of GLORIOR BELLI fame wrote the lyrics of raging hymn Angstgeist together with Amduscias, keeping up with what could now be called a tradition within the Temple. Strong statements require strong means of expression. Recruiting second guitar player Alastor is an illustration of this will. Together with Antares’s blasting drums and Arkdaemon’s overdriven bass, Amduscias and Alastor produce riffs of the most catchy essence. And from the merciless speed of opener Piercing The Veils Of Slumber to Poisoned Words’ crushing mid tempo, from Dead Cult’s early 90’s Black Metal atmospheres to the sinister Death Metal feeling of Hate Is My Name, TEMPLE OF BAAL have come up with a diversity of dark feelings, unified by Andrew Guillotin’s massive production. Temple Of Baal plan to tour over Europe in 2010. Prepare you souls for the Triumph Of Heretic Fire !
1. Piercing The Veils Of Slumber
2. Triumph Of Heretic Fire
3. Black Sun Of The Damned
4. Angstgeist
5. Dead Cult
6. Hate Is My Name
7. Poisoned Words
8. Vectors To The Void
9. Blessings Of Blackfire
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